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Clean Label. Proud You.

Proud Label’s nutrient-dense mezzes are mindfully balanced with plants, protein and prebiotics, providing a convenient, colorful and delicious take on snacking.


Proud of our clean label

Clean plant-based snack foods are in growing demand, but limited in choice. Proud Label satisfies that need and more through a variety of great tasting, convenient, nutrient rich and versatile plant-based dipping spreads.


Mezze mindfully with our spreads

"Mezze mindfully" by sharing, snacking and enjoying our tasty, balanced spreads with the whole family. Enjoy the versatility as you dip it, spread it or glaze it - Our secret blend of plants, protein and pre-biotics are optimized for natural, clean, and fresh flavors inspired by some childhood favorites. 


mezze mindfully.

Our nutrient-rich, plant-based foods are crave-able, colorful and balanced to elevate your
loved-ones’ palate.