How Proud Label became our second child in 2018

This time last year, with our daughters’ second birthday rapidly approaching, we were at an inflection point that many young families experience. Do we try again? Do I double-down on my career? If so, what is that job that connects to my passions? Can I stay true to my passions and experience and find the right career that offers a balance of work and family?

Sometimes the best decisions are the ones that find you. Proud Label found us. Getting creative for dinner one night, tinkering with some new recipes, I served what would become “Red” as a filler to a cabbage wrap. Some weeks, iterations and flavor varieties later my husband – who was going through his own “what the Health?” meat inflection - said “our society needs this. It’s tasty, convenient, real plant-based food.”

From there the Beet had left the station. Through nap time (our daughters, not ours) and late-night strategy sessions we centered our business plans around purpose, something that would make us, but also our customers proud, through better nutrition-minded choice. Proud Label would represent that brand identity, creating a positive legacy and impact across all generations. Proud Label was born out of the love of serving healthy, real food to family and friends, pointing out the need for more convenient, nutrient-rich, real food for families on the go. We founded the company in the home of artisan foods, Portland, Oregon, and our web and social media presence quickly followed. That was just month one!

The past few months, Proud Label has worked across the Oregon Entrepreneur’s Network, local female founder communities, with Sarah Masoni – ‘the million dollar palate’ – and her team at the Oregon State University Food Innovation Center and the Get Your Recipe to Market program. We were pleased to win the inaugural “Duck Tank” contest hosted by the University of Oregon Alumni. With our four flavors at final stage recipe development, we are on the cusp of initiating our first production runs with great interest from well-known local natural, specialty retail chains. In conjunction with the Food Innovation Center, we are proud to be exhibiting within the Incubator Village of the Fancy Food Show in January. We truly believe we are defining a new category that will excite all consumers and not just the plant-forward community. We are passionate to enable access to our tasty, nutrient-rich “mezzes” across the local market and beyond. It’s time to #mezzemindfully.

Proud Label is beyond excited by what 2019 has in store (literally). We hope our clean label, plant-based food products make for a Proud You. Watch this space to learn more about our giveback scheme, where we hope to donate our product to elevate the palates across the Oregon school system. Our blog will feature articles on whole plant-based diets, mindfulness tips for a nourishing family, clean eating, and healthy food ideas for children and families. Continue to look out for our launch announcements over the coming months. We hope to ship to you or be in a store near you very soon!