Versatile flavors, with all the benefits of plant-based foods

Proud Label offers four flavors from which you can Mezze mindfully, all rich in wholly natural color. All of our products have the same core ingredients, providing foods that are great source of vegetarian protein. Our unique flavors are characterized by the vegetables and spices that make them nutrient rich, naturally vibrant and versatile to dip, spread, glaze or use as a filling as you see fit. 



Proud Label RED

Naturally red from Beet and pepper make this a tasty vibrant accompaniment to your meal, whether as a condiment, a spread, or an extra to your salad bowl. 


Proud Label ORANGE

Naturally orange from Carrots, blends with cauliflower and subtle spice for a southern flavor suitable for the whole family. A great filling to a wrap, or compliment to your avocado toast. 


Proud Label GREEN

Naturally green from Broccoli and Spinach, add olive oil to create a natural salad dressing or spread as a natural alternative to Ranch. 


Proud Label PURPLE

Naturally purple from berries and sweet potato, when added to pancakes, or as a cake filler, makes this a mindful alternative sweet treat.